Saturday, May 1, 2010

Holy Smoke...

When did cigarettes become the number 1 choice of prop in the fashion world? It seems everyone is posing with cigarettes hanging out of their mouths these days, even if they aren't smokers. What's with that? I'm not having a go at anyone personally, I'm actually a huge fan of the bloggers I've taken some of these pictures from... and God knows I'm no stranger to the odd social cigarette. But why do they instantly ad that 'cool/bad-ass' vibe, when we all rave about what a 'filfthy, disgusting habit' it is??

Sooo since it seems ALL the cool cats smoke... It's really no wonder we grew up thinking puffing on ciggs makes us look shit hot.

1 comment:

  1. I agree!!!
    ...sure sometimes it 'completes' an era themed look (like Cindy C's 40s look) but I hate that I think that! I hate that I am conditioned to see that it can add a certain glam cachet.

    The celebrity actor and model 'cool cats' do it to not eat. Young girls do it to look older. Older women do it to look younger! Guys do it as an extension of their penises!!
    All do it a substitute, a crutch, an inability to be still. It's a weakness. Quite the opposite of badass.