Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Go Dutch - DROOL vs EWW

I know it's been done, but I felt the desire to do a little clog blogging. There's so many different types out there, some a little crazier than others.

Gucci - Hot! Although I've never really been a fan of logo placement sprawled all over the product. Unless it's LV, then I don't seem to mind as much... Hypocritical?! haha

Zara - If I was actually going to purchase a pair of clogs, it would probably be these!

Kurt Geiger - I am undecided about these, I need to see them on someone. I will either love them or hate them... anyone care to buy them and show me!? hehe

Nina Z - LOVE these and want them.

left: Celine, right: Miu Miu - I would pick a different print in the Miu Miu's because it's winter here, or maybe the pink would work. Hmm.

Anita Ulrika - I love these, they are so cute!

Miu Miu - yes I definitely prefer either of these two options, probably the kitties :)

Miu Miu - I likey!

Steve Madden - definite thumbs up, simple yet statement.

Anyone know this one? I'm not a huge fan of this particular style but they have some that look more like the red Nina Z clogs above, which I love!

Kiddy Clogs!! How cute are these?? awwww :)

Anyway guys, I always save the best till last... I mean really, if you're going to invest in a pair of clogs you would be crazy to go past these babies...
Reoowww!!!! Watch out boys, I'm comin' through in my crocs!
Now available in a flirty heel, for the really daring

10/10 croc.

Ok I think that's enough sarcasm from me for one day hehe.
Hope you are all having a lovely week so far!!!


  1. love the black zaras and the black miu mius. i was also undecided about the kurt geigers- i almost bought them hmmm kinda regretting it now.

  2. I definitely love the Zara ones!! Those are my favorite

  3. i think they look great on some people, but i could NEVER pull them off!!