Saturday, April 3, 2010

One must give credit, where credit is due!

I could NOT believe my eyes when I checked out fellow blogger Kelly, from Lions, Tigers & Fashion OH MY!'s blog today... She absolutely amazes me, and just when I think she couldn't possibly get any more creative she goes and WOWS me all over again. I just had to share with you her latest DIY... SERIOUSLY UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

So here are the old and tatty golden mary-jane's pre-Kelly Attack
and here is the goal...
I know what you're thinking... "yeahhh right! good luck!"

Well this girl does not need luck, trust me...

And voila!!! The cutest Miu Miu mock up's ever! I do not know how she got those swallows so damn accurate either. But I am in absolute awe of this girl and her new Miu Miu's!!
Seriously, if you havn't checked out her blog before go NOW NOW NOW!!! She always has great outfit's that cost her nothing, and the odd DIY like the one above ;)