Thursday, March 4, 2010

Heart Broken

Not only am I heart broken because I can now no longer purchase the beloved Bardot waterfall jacket I lusted for if I want to actually be able to sleep at night... But I am heart broken after watching the latest PETA video that shows exactly where the leather and fur we love to parade on cat walks comes from...
WARNING: This video is NOT for the faint hearted... I had to look away several times...

The only reason this happens is because of the high demand for fur and leather from none other than consumers like you YOU and ME. So do these poor animals a favour and don't subject these innocent lives to such cruelty. I just don't see how it is fashionable to slaughter and torture a living, feeling, breathing, creature. I just don't know what I will do, when so many things are made out of leather. It is almost impossible to avoid. I guess I can just dream that everything is made out of faux leather/fur? Or try to shop as faux as I can, and do my research on the issue.

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