Saturday, March 13, 2010

Alexander Wang Attack

I've suffered a severe attack of the wang... that sounds a little wrong. Hmm, I have gone WANG CRAZY!!! Ugh no, wrong again... Ok, what I'm trying to say is, I have been shopbopping alot lately, (well, window shopbopping. Can you window shop online? Screen shopping... ramble ramble ramble) annnddd I've ended up with a wish list of Alexander Wang goods about a mile long. And about a million dollars worth too. Here is what made the list!

Back pack - $875
Bucket Bag - $825
Cat Sunglasses - $325
Crocodile Print Dress - $420
Black Ponte Dress - $595
White Ponte Cut Out Dress - $560
Black Duffel Bag - $695
Coco Duffel Bag - $850
Merino Wool Tunic $375
Round Sunglasses - $325
Jac Suede T-strap Sandal - $395 (also come in patent black, droooool)
Edita Platform Thong - $450
Leather Corset Shorts - $725
Striped Tunic - $550

Now, let's you and I pretend that I am extraordinarily rich and could just buy whatever the heck I wanted, whenever the heck I wanted it. Had I proceeded to the "check out" and clicked "purchase", I would have been up for a hefty $7,965!! H'yeah umm, maybe when I win the lottery...

1 comment:

  1. too much leather in there for my liking..

    However much u earned u couldn't really justify spending that much on a piece of clothing though could u?