Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Best Friends

I have the greatest best friends in the world. One is Christine, who has been my best friend since we were in grade 5 together at Laburnam Primary School, way back in the 90s duuude. Speaking of which, and totally off topic... I had 3 best friends in primary school, we were a group of four... and one of them just got married today!!!!! GAHHH it always freaks me out when people I know or friends my age get married. I feel way too young to even consider it. Anyway, I'm not close with her anymore but saw some photos on the beloved stalkbook (aka Facebook), and she looked beautiful and happy, so good on her! But still FREAKY!!! We are all so old.
Anyway back on track... The other, more recent acquirement in the best friend department is Lewis Hughes... More fondly known as Spewis Spews!! We met at Wesley College when I moved there in year 11 (2004) and have been besties ever since! Soooo in honour of my two great loves, I thought I would share some pics :)

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