Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Few Chips Wont Hurt??...

Today I have been trying to eat healthy!!! Normally I am against such ludicrousy... BUT, I have the worst diet in history and it causes me to feel tired and drained allll the time. Because my sleeping is so irregular, it stuffs up my diet, and when I do actually eat, I tend to eat quick and easy junk food because I'm so lazy haha. I'm a huge fan of absolute crap like Hungry Jacks, etc, I am strictly against buying bottled water when you can get it for free out of the tap, and I am addicted to chocolate.

So today, here is what I have eaten so far...

Breakfast - Bowl of nutrigrain and some sliced peaches. (Ok, the fact that i was even alive and kicking for breakfast, is a feat in itself!)

Lunch - Chicken focaccia purchased from Healthy Habits?!?! (Never been there in. my. life.), 2 sushi rolls (because I was still starving... I'll admit, I did sit there and try to justify some chips from Hungry Jacks to myself, as there was a HJs right in front of me!) and a bottle of water?!?! I am amazed with myself... this is SO unlike me. WOW.

SO FAR, SO GOOD! Pity I'm working at Pacino's tonight, where I will be surrounded by pizza and pasta, and will probably stuff myself stupid. Hahaha what can you do :D

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